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Here at Mr. Frank’s we take great pride in using a fresh ground process with only the purest of spices and herbs available. All of our products are "clean" and absolutely NO additives or fillers are used in any of our blends.


Mr. Frank created the “world famous” Original all-purpose seasoning in 1964 and we are extremely proud to release this family treasure for all to enjoy. As well, we are excited to offer our wonderful selection of proprietary and delicious spice blends created by Lisa herself, and which uniquely compliment each other and are sure to bring you distinctive tastes unlike any others. 


A wood-carver by trade, Mr. Frank Postl, also known as, “Mr. Frank”, immigrated to Canada from Austria in 1953.  He landed in Niagara Falls, Canada with his parents and young family and little more than hopes and dreams in his pockets. In 1964, after opening and operating several Tasty Treats successfully & encouraged by friends, Mr. Frank personally designed and built an old-world style structure enhanced with his incredible wood carvings and personal touches, and "Frank’s Steak House & Tavern" was born. The massive hand carved “Door” to the restaurant in addition to the incomparable flavoring of his steaks and lobster butter, became just one of the many causes to Mr. Frank’s notoriety in Niagara Falls, Canada and the surrounding areas. To this day the building still stands and is now a fabulous restaurant called "Weinkellers" where his incredible carvings have been preserved and are on display. 



Mr. Frank was my father.  He sadly passed away in December of 2008, so to carry on his memory and extraordinary legacy, I founded “Mr. Frank’s Kitchen” in his honor. 


To say this company was founded on love and legacy alone truly is not enough. My father had an integrity and work ethic that to this day raises the bar, and his larger than life personality and gregarious smile that would light up any room has left an indelible mark on this world. Some 50+ years later people still fondly recall their experiences at the Steak House, or cherished memories laughing with Mr. Frank when he would circle the dining room chatting with his customers.  My dad was one of the hardest working people I’ve ever known and he always encouraged me to strive for success and believe in the unattainable. He was my mentor, my inspiration, my pillar of strength, and my best friend. He showed me time and time again growing up that, “When someone tells you that you cannot do something, you in fact show them that you can - TWICE.” Dad achieved such heights and had so many incredible accomplishments in his lifetime and I am who I am today because of him.  I am so incredibly proud to share with you his Original spice blend, as well as those of my own creation, and know that with each and every shaker of both his and my seasonings, a small piece of my dad’s legacy is being carried on. 


Warmest Regards,


Lisa Postl

Founder & President

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